slowly, Toronto is becoming cycle-ready

Toronto, 2014.07.10

With the new contra-flow cycle lanes, the city is learning that cycling is a solution; no one tell the Mayors! I belong to a group that proposed and won such a lane on Dixon avenue in the Beaches Triangle. But there's a much-needed one on Simcoe Street downtown that's a real god-send if you're emerging from south of the tracks anywhere along that stretch of Front. If we keep this up, the city will be genuinely cycle-ready any decade now.

Meanwhile, we have a mayoral election coming up and the candidates are dividing themselves along their stance on cycling; one conservative each for (Socknaki), against (Tory), undecided (Stintz), and definitely-against (Ford). And one liberal who is pro cycling (Chow). It's funny to see how they attempt to score political points when transit issues of any kind take shape.

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