a day of fishing on center island

Toronto, 2014.07.06

We spent the day on center island again, this time for a day of fishing. We turned up, were presented with some free fishing equipment and bait, and were set loose on the island. Ken and I set up in a spot I (wrongly) thought looked might be productive, and spent a few hours wrestling with the gear, which turned out (not surprisingly, in hindsight) to be a bit on the cheap side. But no matter, it's the company that matters (sadly, I spent a fair bit of the first few minutes nagging Ken about all of the safety stuff he'd forgotten; and when I mean forgotten, he simply had no recollection at all).

Mari and Emma visited with some friends (a young lady from Ken's class who seems rather taken with the boy was there with her brother and mum) and entertaining Emma. Happily, Emma's turned over something of a new leaf and is no longer the incessantly whiny and put-out kid she was for nearly her first to full years. Nowadays she plays nicely with other kids and is willing and able to run around and enjoy herself. Yay, Emma!

It was another day on the bikes, as well, and Ken made the trip much more smoothly and quickly with his new bike. He's really enjoying it and volunteers that fact from time to time. Mari's was having a few problems, however, and one or two of these were beyond my ability. As it happened, I had an appointment to have my bike tuned at the shop this evening, so I took hers in instead.

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yay, a good weekend. You need a few more of those.