why me not think good

Toronto, 2014.07.03

In the same book I quoted yesterday, I found this list of common problems with human cognition; it's a doozy.

"Unfortunately, because learning is so easy and largely unconscious, there are numerous related problems with human cognition. This affects [people's] capacity to handle complex problems such as strategy execution. Relevant problems include:

  • the basic cognitive limitations of individuals for processing large amounts of complex information
  • relying too heavily on limited data in reaching conclusions*
  • placing undue emphasis on easily or already available information*
  • placing undue emphasis on vivid and memorable information
  • placing undue emphasis on consistent information
  • placing undue emphasis on information recently obtained
  • ignoring important statistical constraints or implications
  • tending not to seek dis-confirming data
  • discarding or neglecting dis-confirming evidence*
  • distorting reality
  • assuming causality (or its direction) from association of variable
  • placing undue emphasis on data obtained from senior people ('elite bias')
  • maintaining hindsight biases in assessment of past events*
  • reacting differently to events based on the language used to describe them

Guilty as charged! I feel like getting this list tattooed on my fore-arm. I've marked my favorites with an '*'; these why me not think good.

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