a new bed for a growing boy, bought dirt cheap

Toronto, 2014.06.15

We managed to buy Ken a $1,300 bed for $200 at a store that's going out of business. We found the place not far from where Ken was at a birthday party. I pointed out a $400 twin bed frame to Mari and the lady running the store said, "We're closing the store and are selling the floor models. I'll let you have that for $100." I told her, "We'll need a mattress." She pointed at another twin frame that had a mattress and said, "You can have that one for $100." So that's what we did. A mid-range slat-style wooden frame and a $900 mattress (made this February) for $200 plus $50 delivery, it will come on today.

Don't really care how many people tested the floor-model mattress over the past four months.

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