learning at the feet of the masters

Toronto, 2014.06.14

I had an interesting opportunity to learn from some talented Toronto drivers today; I assume it's a full moon? My first opportunity came with a chance to speak with a woman today while driving in Scarborough, asking if she could explain a stunt she'd just pulled. I in a north-bound lane, waiting to turn left across two busy lanes into a parking lot. Some adventurous type came out of that same lot swung on his right then brought the car across the two lanes in an obvious attempt to line himself up to be in the spot I'd vacate. With his car blocking both lanes there was nothing for her to do but stop and let me go. Instead, of course, she drove right up so that her car and the other fellow made a "T", with her car blocking my entry to the parking lot.

I just ... couldn't stop myself. My window was open, her window was open... I just had to hear what she thought was going to happen next. She bleated something about the other fellow blocking her. If the adventurer hadn't pulled a tight reverse around the nose of her car and then back into the parking lot's driveway, we'd still be sitting there. (I have to hand it to the fellow, he knew how to handle his SUV.)

We ate a damn fine but hasty meal, and piled back into the car to get Ken to a birthday party. Just as we backed out of the spot and headed for the same (clearly God-damned) exit, a woman simply stopped as she pulled into the parking lot, got out, and went shopping. She was blocking half of what was already a tight and very high-traffic entrance, and blocking two parked cars. Needless to say, her "parking job" greatly improved the situation.

Right now, Mari is heading to the T&T with the car on her own. Her first driving experience in the city. Hopefully some of the loons will be off the road since there are some World Cup games on this evening.

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