3D yoda head for lego minifig

Toronto, 2014.06.04

Our friend Michael has made our son a Yoda head for a LEGO minifig on his company's 3D printer; it looked amazing! He and I met on the street car, as I'd inadvertently left my bike locked up outside the office (mercifully, it was still there).

I left my bike helmet at home because I didn't want to take it on the street car. Mari told me, "Why not buy another one, I don't want you riding home without one, we're having too much back luck recently." My existing helmet has a broken strap and is a decade old, so now I have a new helmet. And I have to say, there have been some sharp improvements in helmets in the past decade. I don't think this new one weighs half of what the other one does.

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