I shot the Kenneth A on a difficult day

Toronto, 2014.06.03

The stars aligned this morning, I was able to shoot that boat with my son's name. It had been raining relentlessly, so I suspected that there'd be fog down near the lake (the surface temperature is probably still well under 10°C). And I was right. Happily, when I got to the disused dock (or possibly "junk yard") where the Kenneth A is up on blocks, I found the gate open. I approached on foot and got a few frames that should look good on black and white. I'll have the results in a couple of weeks after development time and "getting around to scanning them" time.

It was a fine start to the day, and certainly the highlight on a day that otherwise went steeply downhill as the day wore on. Cheers to my boss Sam for going well above and beyond the call of duty today!

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