seing to Niagara

Toronto, 2014.05.15

On Sunday we went to the beach and I noticed that I could see a lighthouse on the Niagara shore of the lake. I'm not certain which lighthouse it was, but having looked around the 'net I think it might have been the relatively small outer lighthouse at Port Dalhousie.

Three odd items: 1) This is the only time in the ten years I've lived in Toronto that I've ever seen anything so clearly across the lake. The air, it would seem, is usually pretty polluted. 2) It's at least fifty kilometers across that part of the lake. I would have thought that the curvature of the Earth would have prevented me from seeing anything at ground level, that far away. 3) I couldn't see any obvious landmarks on the land, such as the library tower at Brock University. It seems that the water over the lake was astonishingly clear but that over Niagara itself something else was going on.

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