consuming the blood of the young

Toronto, 2014.05.06

So it turns out that we can improve the health and energy levels of the elderly by giving them blood transfusions from younger people. Or so we think from our experiments with mice. Does that work with middle-aged people and their children and infants? Not that I know any parents of small kids who are exhausted and in need of a break. Nor do I know any over-energetic children (and certainly not in my home).

The more I think about this:

1) I see no down side of this whatsoever! 8^{

2) I have to wonder: does it work even if you rig up some kit on your own, at home? How much blood can you take?

3) It sounds like a lot of work, can you just drink the blood?

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reader comments

you realize that from my perspective, you are younger and more energetic?


Sure. But stay back, you blood-sucker!!