and now the mosquitos

Toronto, 2014.05.02

It's not enough that we're still experiencing March weather in May - now we have to contend with mosquitoes, too. I noticed them for the first time today. I was batting them away with gloved hands as I trekked home under leaden grey skies full of low skidding clouds driven by a steady chilly wind. I consoled myself with whiskey and the joys of the home full of yammering children that lay at the end of my trek.

One happy thing that happened today: I finally managed to replace a $40 LED light bulb that was rated at 30 years but lasted only three or four weeks. Incredibly, it took me something like fifteen months of struggling with the retailer's apathy to get it down. I finally decided to try the manufacturer directly and it only took two days. Thank you "Standard Products Inc." Not so much, "Ultra Lighting" on Spadina.

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