prowler in the neighborhood

Toronto, 2014.04.09

Mari had a scare at home tonight, someone (young, black, not in a uniform, no sign of a donation clip-board etc) at the door as evening set it, handling a plush toy made for kids. She called me at the office about it after watching this fellow go across the street to where there's another child around Ken's age. Worrying from the office, I decided after twenty minutes to call the cops to report the "incident" just to be safe.

Then Mari talked to the neighbours across the street, and they reported that they'd had a parcel opened and something taken from it. Tonight, Mari eventually sent an email to some friends in the area warning them about it. Someone responded that they'd seen someone similar who was, it turned out, was taking donations.

Crisis averted. I called the cops and had them close the file I opened.

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