new camera crush – the Fuji XT-1

Toronto, 2014.03.31

Today I managed to hold the most recent object of my camera affection, an XT-1 from Fuji. It was even better than I'd hoped: I'm hooked. I've said this about their XE-1 body, but this!

As a recent camera review put it:

Fuji XT-1. Heck, yeah.Heck. Yeah.

I'd zipped over to Downtown Camera, and managed to squeeze in to pick up a roll of film just before they closed. They were certainly happy to show me the body and two of the lenses (a 21mm-equivalent and a 35mm-equivalent). The body struck me as being a successor to my old manual film gear (with, I'm sure, thousands of vital updates) and the lenses match the two that I use most on the old film bodies (there is also an 85mm-equivalent, just announced, for which they haven't yet admitted the price).

Now all I need is $3,100 plus tax. That'll take a lot of TTC savings by riding my bike.