fleeing the winged sales baboon

Toronto, 2014.03.04

Today I rid myself of a bank that doesn't understand its basic function. That function is to provide me with banking services in a manner that makes me want to continue to do business with them. This bank failed, because it routinely blundered when I made simple requests, losing paperwork and doing the wrong thing when it did anything at all. It compounded the problem by having its army of winged sales baboons harass us at home and on mobile phones, morning noon and night. A constant shrieking and wailing that got so bad we took out the caller display service on our phone, and bought a phone that could display the details. That's a lot to go through to protect yourself from your own bank!

That bank was CIBC, and I no longer have those three bank accounts and a line of credit with them.

sales baboon, artist's rendering

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