hanging a TV and a concrete hammer drill

Toronto, 2014.01.05

We're still waiting for our TV to arrive, but we have the mounting bracket so I put that up. I can't understand why they ship these things with sheet metal screws (it's akin to shipping something with flat-head screws, are they trying to be stupid?) but as usual I've discarded the screws that came with the packaging and used my own concrete screws.

To do so, I went out and bought a specialist concrete hammer drill. I've tried using a generic Black & Decker drill in its "hammer mode" for this and noticed that the screws don't anchor properly. And they tend to wind up going in at weird angles etc. Using a "real concrete drill" eliminated all of these problems. It even plowed through what I think was a stone in the concrete.

It's a Makita unit, SKU is HP1631K, and I recommend it for small jobs around the apartment.

Makita hammer drill

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