some resolutions

Toronto, 2014.01.01

I've decided to renew my decade-lost habit of making new year's resolutions. Some resolutions this year:

1. To try hang-gliding. I've said it on many occasions, but this time I think I have a real opportunity - when my family's away for the month of March. Mwahahaha!

2. To try to see if I can find a voice coach. I want to speak more clearly and convincingly, and perhaps set myself on the road to doing some voice acting work, which looks like it'd be a fun hobby. Think I'll ask my actress cousin for a lead.

3. This one's "for the children". It's to eliminate the phrase "god damn" from my language. I've heard my son say it thanks to my use, and it sounds awful coming from a kid. A casual glance at the news would indicate that God has clearly damned it thoroughly, but no need to go around saying so. Who knows, if I have some success maybe I can wipe out some of the worse phrases as well.

I dunno. Maybe I'll think of some more.

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