a concussion and a new phone

Toronto, 2013.12.30

I recently switched to a new mobile provider and at the time turned down the phone they wanted to send me; now I've changed my mind.

My change of mind came when speaking with the mother of one of Ken's friends. She told me that she'd suffered a concussion when banging her head on a wrought-iron light fixture at a restaurant. Apparently her head's hurt terribly ever since she recovered, and her doctor's instructed her to remove all "screens" from her life.

So she's looking for a phone without a display screen, and I thought of one of the phones offered by my new provider:

Doro PhoneEasy 520X

It's a rugged unit with large buttons and adjustable screen text size, designed for people with limited vision who might need large buttons and possibly a hearing aid. In other words, seniors. I wondered if it might not help the person I'd spoken with, and sent her the link.

Thinking about it for a bit, though, I wondered if having larger type and a rugged phone might not be a good idea for me, too. So I've ordered one. Happily, I could still take advantage of the offer for a free one.

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