all is quiet on Christmas Day

St. Catharines, 2013.12.25

We're in St Catharines, blown here by driving snow and children asking are we there yet. Sadly, Grandma's Christmas tree had fallen over about an hour before we were due, but the broken glass was mostly out of the way before little feet could tread there.

Ken now has enough toys to keep him fueled for the next year. Which moots his birthday, but hey, he doesn't read this journal. ;^)

Emma now has no fewer than four "baby" dolls. One's even named Emma. It pees. Ken's delighted.

Two rounds of Christmas presents in just one day, oh my. Christmas is a lot of fun with small children.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. Arrived in St. Kitts safe and sound despite blowing snow and traveling early.
  2. Not too many ornaments broke when the tree fell
  3. It turns out that when a tree falls in a living room, someone can hear it: it sounds like tinkling.

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