a telco does something kind

Toronto, 2013.11.15

Today a telephone/communications company did something decent for perhaps the first time in history.

When I contacted them last night to take out a new phone number they told me there would be $110 in fees for the phone number and a new DSL contract for Internet. They also advised me that we'd be without Internet service for a full week. Wheeee! So after the call, I wrote a quick letter "To Whom It May Concern" and explained that I was doing all of this in response to a data breach - my phone number had been compromised.

This morning by the time I got to work there was a nice email response saying they'd waived the fees due to the circumstances. This is why I deal with a small regional telco.

And not one of the big players, about which my sympathies are echoed in this (NSFW) video.

While on hold this week, I designed an amusing emoticon/smiley. I reckon it's good for eyes-rolling and/or bored situations. ᶕə

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