data breach at a Canadian trust company

Toronto, 2013.11.03

I was seriously hoping to get some studying done this weekend. Then when I got home on Friday I found a letter from the small trust company where I had my TFSA. My name, email, phone number, address, date of birth, and SIN have been compromised due to a break-in on their website, where, inexplicably, they were storing information from applicants for accounts. So I wound up speaking with my banks and the police, sending emails to various regulators and bloggers, and posting with fellow account-holders at a forum. Tomorrow I have to resume the struggle, with calls to Equifax and to the SIN people.

We still managed to get in a visit to the Science Center today, and yesterday we got to the bank to open Ken's first RESP.

And all's well that ends with shabu-shabu.

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