bad environmental news, good environmental news

Toronto, 2013.10.25

First, the not so good news. It seems that the Eastern Canadian Arctic is warming faster than even the recent steady stream of bad news had suggested. The the "good" news; our home-grown countryside-destoying tarsands project is in the hands of people who don't know how to promote it.

Three reasons to be thankful:

  1. I managed, despite quite a bit of difficulty, to get Emma the follow-up appointment with a specialist that she needs. I think I contacted two hospitals, three clinics, and some other offices along the way. In the end it was an email that did it, in which I leveraged a well-chosen party via CC.
  2. We had a nice dinner in a restaurant for the first time since Emma .. well, since Emma. We didn't have a plan to eat out but a trip downtown by the family to do some shopping bled into dinner time and I was in the area.
  3. I got myself a new headlight for my bike. It's a powerful one Watt unit and charges via USB connector. I rode home with cabbies yielding to me rather than attempting vehicular manslaughter. Not at all bad for $20.

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