and now, 30° plus again?

Toronto, 2013.09.11

The weather has gone completely nuts. After soaring temperatures in March of last year, where we broke records by more than ten degrees for two weeks, we've had a summer so cool the sustained temperatures were fully fifteen degrees below normal. Today it was so hot that although I was rained on coming home my sleeves were dry by the time I got in, and it was only the bits where I was sweating beneath my raincoat that were wet. And we're scheduled to have a high of 14°C on Friday??

We've had days of Calgary-like temperature swings with high humidity, high wind, and literally unprecedented amounts of rain. Shivering at a streetcar stop telling someone "I'm not dressed for this!" one day, then sweltering in the same light coat the next. Commuter trains being evacuated by cops in boats, a near-miss with the remnants of the largest (in diameter) hurricane ever recorded, record rainfalls that match even scientists' warnings. Yup; mayhem.