accepted to the master's program

Toronto, 2013.09.09

I got into the graduate school program in the UK. This is going to be fun.

Looks like it all kicks off in about five weeks. Hopefully I'll be marginally rested by then (right now; not so much).

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reader comments

Hey, congrats on the CIA and this as well. Are you going to move the family over there? Is it a shortened executive program or a full multi-year thing? Do tell!

Agent Vanilla

Thanks! No, no moving, it's all online. There aren't any equivalent programs here in Toronto for some reason; I've made a few inquiries but the program I'm pursuing is by far the best course for me. For instance, with exemptions as a holder of the CIA, I'll be able to complete the degree in a year.

I have only a small window left before The Boy starts getting involved in things for which I'll be taking him to regular events and will no longer be able to work 9-10 hour days plus study 1-3 hours a day. I was looking at an MBA but for a variety of reasons figure this is a better use of time, money, and energy.