michael werneburg, pmp, cia

Toronto, 2013.09.05

Well I passed my CIA exam. I'm not going to lie; I wasn't even sure that I'd passed it as I stood to leave. And it's never a good feeling when you've spent twenty minutes reviewing twenty "unsure" questions and you change only one answer because nothing looks "more right" than the dubious response you chose.

But I don't have to worry about that now. Nor do I have to do any more bloody practice tests. I reckon I put well north of 250 hours of study time into this test alone, it was likely about 500-600 hours in total.

I think I won't likely pursue any more certifications. I've got one for IT process engineering (ITIL), one for project management (PMP), and now the CIA that covers "audit" (topics included: business process; financial and managerial accounting; economics; fraud; governance; general management; IT architecture, roles, and security; risk management; and of course how to perform audits).

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reader comments

congrats again. I'm proud of you, especially given the other things going on in your life.


Yes indeed. Thanks. (8