fifteen kids, one car

Toronto, 2013.09.04

A car alarm sounded across the street this evening, something I haven't heard in the 21/2 years we've been here. Glancing over at the sudden sound of giggling and laughter, I saw about 12-15 kids come pouring out of the car in sequence. It was fun; just when you thought, wha, that's a lot of kids, another couple squeezed out.

In less interesting news, I've written my last practice test and the cold that I thought was coming on seems to have aborted (possibly due to large quantities of vitamin C tablets and zinc lozenges). I'm going to write the final exam tomorrow for the certification I've been working on for a year.

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reader comments

good luck on the exam. Fingers crossed for you.


Pshaw, 'twern't nothing. 8)