two fishermen, no fish

Victoria Harbour, Ontar, 2013.09.01

For some reason I got the old row-boat down to the water, put The Boy into it, and dragged him half-way across Sturgeon Bay, rowing into a steady headwind the whole way. We didn't have an anchor and as I wanted to fish I thought I'd tie up the boat to a buoy out in the middle of the bay. But when we got there, there was a "No Fishing" sign on the buoy, and nowhere to tie a rope anyway. So I let the thing drift.

It was the middle of the day, and we caught nothing. Ken talked of going home the entire time (from about 50m from shore on the way out). So, I won't be doing that again (without a motor; and the old aluminium boat is no longer in good enough shape to attach a motor...).

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