more blonde in the gene pool

Toronto, 2013.08.23

My mum, our family's chief genealogist, has been contacted by someone through who's tracked back one line of his (and our) family to the 5th Century. When the names along that line switch from Scottish to Danish. I'd like to see the research some time.

So to recap, my ingredients: German, Mennonite (same thing), Irish, Scottish (same thing), Scots-Irish (ditto), English, and may contain traces of Danish/Viking/troll. There's a simpler way to spell that out, and it's "Canadian". E.g. my kids' ingredients: Japanese, Canadian.

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reader comments

Troll? Really? Fantastic! So I wish I might have some "Hobbit Zashiki Warashi" blood in my line.

Shinsuke Satoi

I'm sure there are plenty of people who confuse the real versus fictional nature of both trolls and vikings. 8^/

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