studies .. work .. studies .. work

Toronto, 2013.08.15

I've taken up the routine of leaving for the office at around 7 every morning and studying until office hours start. Then I study again for another 90 minutes or so after hours. It's a bit of a grueling way to get through a day, but when describing it to someone today he said, "It sounds like my day, but with commute time instead of study time".

Which puts things into perspective nicely. I'm learning a lot, and feel that I should have done some of this stuff quite a long time ago. No matter, better late than never. Some surprises: I rather enjoy economics, and finance isn't actually as spell-bindingly awful as I'd always found it through these many years of working in that industry.

My study program consists of endless rounds of practice questions. I'm starting to get somewhat competent in most areas, but it's my hope that financial accounting doesn't play a large role in my future, cos .. wow.

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