cycling again

Toronto, 2013.08.11

This weekend we got Ken out on his little green bike for the first time in quite a while. After he slipped away from us that time last year on a walk, we've been leery. But today we were all on our bikes and we put an activated walkie-talkie in his backpack so that he could here our (plaintive wailing) calls to him to stop and return to us if he escaped us again.

But it wasn't necessary. He was a bit rusty on the bike on Saturday morning but by Sunday evening he was comfortable enough that I was able to raise the seat a fair bit to get him a bit more stable and riding more smoothly and with less wobbling. I also got his handlebars down and a bit forward to suit his chimpanzee-like frame. He had a great time.

On Saturday evening we rode to a place where we found a hole-in-the-wall Jamaican restaurant. After twenty-odd years of Jerk chicken, I finally tried Jerk pork. Mmmmmmm.

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