36º water cooked my fish

Toronto, 2013.07.18

I came home to the news tonight that my beloved zebra loach had died. Mari theorized that the water had gotten warmer with the heat (our air conditioner never seems to work when we need it), and I touched the aquarium to find that it was radiating heat. I moved a small thermometer from the other aquarium (where it already read an alarmingly high 30ºC, and was shocked to see that the small 15g tank was humming at 36ºC. How on Earth the angelfish was still alive I have no idea.

Three good things that happened today:

  1. I met some people with a really interesting business plan, today.
  2. It was insanely hot - Tokyo-grade 40ºC hot as I crossed a broad stretch of concrete at Queen and Spadina. But I had my bike and was soon through it.
  3. Even though my delightful little zebra loach, who loved to hide in the mouth of the ceramic "T-Rex" in the aquarium perished, the rest of the fish seemed okay.

reader comments

I accidentally killed a fish due to cooking as well. I left my fishy with a roommate while I went away for a weekend trip. One part my fault, the water level was a little low when I left, then over the weekend really scorching temps. The water evaporated below the sensor on the tank heater, so the heater turned on and never turned off. Got back, immediately noticed the fishy was suffering, somehow still alive, put in normal temp water and the shock was too much for him. Floater....


Ah, no. That's even worse....

And now we're back to dry and warm (not hot by any stretch). No doubt it'll happen once or twice more during the summer, pity it has to happen at all.