record rainfall

Toronto, 2013.07.09

So we had a bit of a rainfall last night. 166mm measured at the airport, a record for Toronto. It even bested the time in 1954 that hurricane Hazel came through.

I've been seeing small sink-holes through holes in the pavement all over Queen and Dundas and my other commuter routes. This new rain will add to that fun! And I was still in such bad shape after I got home from dropping off the car that I left my bike in the yard for all of that rain. 8(

The hydro people were out front all night last night, even until I got up to shower. We had power but someone obviously didn't.

My coworkers all had stories to tell today. One fellow was cycling in that mess, happily uphill and away from the sewer drains that were apparently floated/blasted out of position closer to the water. Another was still at the office a bit late and had to walk/wade up to the east-west subway line because the downtown loop and all of the street cars were either canceled or not moving. And then there was the coworker was on the Go train that famously got into the flood water up to the windows on the lower level. She was evacuated on one of the little boats that the Toronto police have for such occasions. Everything went swimmingly, in the end. It was the 17:30 train, she got home at 01:00. Her husband and son, on the same train, didn't have the privilege of "ladies first" and took an additional two hours.

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