a PMI event, once a season whether I need it or not

Toronto, 2013.06.13

Much to my amazement, I noticed that the PMI event I attended tonight was the first I'd been to in three months. I guess the allure of maintaining my credits through free webinars was what did it. While I'm learning a lot regardless of my course of action, it's best to get out once in a while.

Tonight, for instance, I met a fellow cycle commuter who'd lived in Japan. Small world.

Also, I learned that an acquaintance who's been looking for a job in Canada has finally found one. He's a long-time project manager and business analyst who wanted to be closer to his family in Toronto after years of working in the middle east while they lived here. He's found the kind of work he wanted, at the type of firm he was looking for, and I assume the pay is what he's after. One catch: the job's in Edmonton. Still, closer than Dubai.

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