cycling 20k to a child's party

Toronto, 2013.06.02

Ken and I put in another 20km round trip today, getting back up to Don Mills. This time it was for a birthday party.

A party at which I learned that children whose parents stay at a party tend to be better behaved than children who are dropped off by absent parents. Ken and I and some of the other children played bingo with a toy that used a cage to select the balls. The kids loved it. Not far away, one of the drop off children spiraled into punching, screaming, and throwing things (until I intervened).

I learned something useful when riding, today. If you're passing something like a parked car, you need to give the trailer more lead space when pulling out. The trailer doesn't immediately following in the line of the bike's tires.

We were also lucky in dodging some substantial rain storms—it all came down once we were already inside.

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