scandal, scandal, everywhere

Toronto, 2013.05.24

Now we've got scandal at the federal level—senators charging the taxpayer outrageously, then interfering with investigations, and getting the Prime Minister's Chief of Staff to pick up the bill. And the provincial level—here in Ontario, the former Premier triggered a quarter of a billion dollars in fees by canceling a power plant project during an election; next door in Quebec it looks like just about everybody was on the take. And the city level, where our Mayor may have a bad drug habit of which it was written: "Years hence, we’ll cringe to remember that, for a few days, a cross-border scheme to funnel $200,000 in crowdfunded money to drug dealers was widely viewed as Toronto’s last, best shot at political accountability."

I am very resentful.

But I have to say that several members of the media seem to be as much of the problem as the politicians. Our "elites" are in total so poorly behaved, I wouldn't mind seeing them all rounded up and publicly spanked until they start acting like adults.

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