and yet I did nothing

Toronto, 2013.05.17

On a stretch of Queen Street East I saw some unhappy things this morning. The first, at the corner of Church and Queen, was 30-something brute with a shaven scalp, a track suit, and a blue tear tattoo by his eye menacing a young woman who was holding her arms around her defensively and shaking. She looked scared. Neither were dressed like they'd expected to be outdoors. I suppose he was her "employer".

Half a block west, I watched a guy steal a bike. Late thirties, sunglasses, unshaven, hoodie under a beaten up coat. Another streetcar passenger and I exchanged surprised looks as the fellow tore off the flimsy cable-style lock and discarded it. He even did the slow look around to see if anyone had noticed before he toddled off on the undersized bike.

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reader comments

Another glorious day in Toronto. Your mayor does scandal the right way, with copious amounts of cocaine!


Yes, we're very proud. The fact that no one even bats an eye at this news is what's really tragic. Even just has a chuckle and says, "Yup, what a dunce," and moves on. It's like we're conditioned not to expect any better or any change.