the Lockwood secret

Toronto, 2013.04.30

Over the past two years, I've noticed west-bound morning commuter cyclists on Queen Street deke off of Queen at Lockwood Road, which is only a block long. Yesterday, like Alice in Wonderland, I decided to follow one of them.

And I've discovered a happy new route downtown. It turns out that Lockwood is the gateway for a rather good short-cut onto the eastern terminus of Dundas Street (by way of Dixon Street, which is one way in both directions away from Lockwood (see the map below). So thank you, fellow commuters, you've shown me the light.

Because the less I have to cycle on Queen, the longer my life expectancy is. Queen remains the only street on which I've fallen on my bike in this city (touch wood) and it's an over-used, badly-maintained, car-and-streetcar-choked mess.

Here's the secret entry point.

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