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Toronto, 2013.04.21

After the cold weather had long since settled in this past Autumn, my boss told me that his family had a spare bike (a loaner long forgotten by a now-defunct bike shop) and that I could have it. He even dropped it off.

It solved a problem we had, in that Mari's "Tokyo bike" is a bit too light and has too-small tires for Toronto's godawful frost-damaged roads. It took me 'til today, when the weather was finally co-operating, to go over that bike making adjustments and so on. I attached the anchor for the child seat, which is now Emma's (Ken's ride with me yesterday up to his Japanese school will have been his last on that seat - he's right at the top of the weight supported by the seat's design). I also added a bell.

I then re-attached a seat to the old bike I was riding for over a year when I first returned to the city, and put a bell on that bike as well. It's now once again ride-worthy, and will probably serve Mari's father when her parents are visiting in June/July.

And then I added a bell to Ken's bike.

All of this comes a day after we made a decision about getting around town with the two kids. Emma will ride with Mari, and Ken would ride with me. But since he's too old to ride on a child seat, and not yet old enough to ride with us for long distances on his own bike, we reached a compromise. Not the cheapest alternative, but one that we tested two summers ago in Montreal: we've ordered a recumbant trailer.

Weehoo IGo


My first thought was that Ken and I can now go visit Grandma! This made Mari nervous, but I think we can do it.....

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