today my wife saved my life (part two)

Tokyo, 2010.08.14

I went back to the hospital this morning as requested.

The bandage came off. And yes, I have some pics of the open surgery .. hole in my arm. They're below, for anyone who wants to see 'em. I reckon that I'll put them out of harms way of a casual passer-by. Because they're a lot worse than yesterday's in my opinion.

First they took off the outer bandages. Yay! Then the doctor pulled the gauze out from inside the hole. Ouch.

Then she prodded and poked around for a time, and cleared out the wound with some saline in a large syringe. Again, ouch. But nothing unendurable.

Then she bandaged me up and told me to come back on Monday. Oh, and to take the bandage off and clean it myself. Between her English and my Japanese I made sure that I'd heard correctly. Ah, boy.

Then another ninety minutes of paying bills, waiting, and having another IV dose of antibiotics.

Happily, the day picked up quite a bit after that. When I got home, Madoka and Toshiyuki were there with little Mia. We had a fine visit, and I was able to eat my Thai food! Then we decided to walk our departing guests over to Osaki station. Dropping in at the "Patagonia", we were given tickets to see an art exhibit.

It was primarily a photo exhibit, but we also visited a telling by a fisherman about the life of turtles and the ways that we humans have made life insanely difficult for the ancient marine reptiles. And they let us make an outrigger canoe out of beach-drift junk. It was great.

Three good things that happened today: 1. Saw Madoka and Toshiyuki 2. Little Mia-chan is growing up quickly! 3. Saw an interesting art exhibit and made an outrigger canoe out of old driftwood

The photos. Ready?

my abscess hole filled with gauze
my abscess hole filled with gauze

open abscess cut
the open abscess cut in my arm

open abscess cut
is that white meat or dark meat?

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