dungeons and dragons monster: greenie

m. werneburg, 2015.01.17
No. Enc.:      1 (2d4)
Alignment:     Survivor
Movement:      60’ (20’)
Armor Class:   5
Hit Dice:      2
Attacks:       3
Damage:        2d4 / d4 / d4
Breath weapon: 2d6
Save:          F2
Morale:        7
Hoard Class:   none
XP:            30

The greenie is a bizarre creature roughly similar in size to a large dog or small pony. They are warm-blooded, quadrupedal reptiles that dwell in dark, deep places below the ground. With long necks, gangling limbs, enormous eyes, and flexible bodies they are well suited to crawling through cavern systems and rivers. The rear feet of greenies are large for the size of the animal, and have webbed toes that end in claws. But it's the forelimbs that are a greenie's characteristic features. Their front feet seem backward: instead of a "thumb", they possess a powerful claw typically used to hang onto rock surfaces; instead of toes, they have spindly backward-swept digits that are about a foot long and webbed and clawed. It's as if the greenie were walking on its palms. As strange as they appear to others, these creatures are capable of crawling along any rough natural stone surfaces—even hanging from a ceiling.

it seems like it wants to say something?
it seems like it wants to say something?

While non-aggressive, greenies have only a limited language and no ability to speak humanoid languages. This tends to complicate encounters with adventurers. However, a successful leaping of the linguistic divide will usually allow for barter with greenies, and to possibly exchange information. Greenie intelligence level seems to be between that of apes and humanoids. They tend to barter in good faith, and are particularly interested in foods from the surface world.

Greenies actively avoid dragons, and will flee if a dragon appears. They tend to exist in a region between 20' and 80' beneath the surface—an area without regular harassment by larger monsters. They are known to prey on virtually anything they can catch. They have a limited breath weapon—a cloud of chlorine gas that they can create on twice a day.

The word greenie was first picked up from the behirs, who view greenies with some contempt. The water dragons regard the weird subterranean greenies with some concern and seem to have a project in the works for these creatures.