dungeons and dragons monster: giant wasp

m. werneburg, 2019.12.23
No. Enc.        1d6 (5d6)
Alignment       Angry
Movement        50m (15m)
Size            Small
Intelligence    Animal
Armor class     7
Hit dice        1d4 hit points
Attacks         1 (sting)
Damage          1d3, see below
Save            F1
Morale          9
Hoard Class     None
XP              7

Giant wasps plague the jungles of Sppang, flying at near-silence in search of victims. These they strike at with a terrible stinger in hopes of laying their eggs within the victim. With each successful hit, the victim must save or be poisoned for 72 hours. During this time the victim is in progressively worse condition, losing one STR point each three hours. The victim falls unconscious when reaching zero STR. At the end of 72 hours the wasp’s eggs hatch, unleashing the larvae. These maggots are the size of a kidney bean and begin chewing their way through the victim’s body. Within three rounds the victim succumbs to blood loss and the maggots emerge. They will attempt to seek cover and preferably pupate in some sort of sheltered structure such as a rotten log. After two weeks, a young giant wasp emerges. It is about the size of a hummingbird and not a threat.

This is why the intelligent races of Sppang tell one another, "In the jungle, one never truly sleeps."