camera reviews

m. werneburg, 2002

Once upon a time I reviewed a broad range of things including electronics, airlines, banks, telephone companies, music albums ... even theater performances. Eventually a time came when I had to look at these critically, and I decided that I was writing fairly inconsistent reviews about things where I had little real expertise.

So I took them all offline.


But my camera reviews I wanted to keep, so I rewrote them during 2008 to use a consistent formula and style. These reviews cover cameras I've used extensively—I do not write about any camera I haven't owned.

Lastly, the focus is on the use of the camera and any knacks for getting results from the thing. Enjoy.

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A short review of the Minolta X-700, the SLR with which I learned a lot about photography. It's a well-built, well-designed model—don't let the plastic exterior fool you.

camera leather


Sometimes the leather on old cameras gets worn, or starts to peel. It's happened to a couple of my cameras. The perfect opportunity to have the thing recovered!

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The Minolta XD was perhaps Minolta's finest hour as a manufacturer. This is a camera that is a joy to use, and yields remarkable results.

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