I don't use Facebook (anymore)

m. werneburg, 2013.01.20

In February of 2018, I deleted my Facebook account. There were three reasons:

  1. I already have this website for posting updates, photos, and articles.
  2. I was developing unwanted attention due to my activities as an advocate for cyclist safety in my city. By that I mean, stalkers, trolls, and politicians.
  3. Several people had posted things to Facebook that are inappropriate to my "brand"; I don't want to be associated with racist BS. You know it's bad when you can't tell your friends from a Russian bot.

Also, I wasn't happy about the growing privacy issues on that platform, or Facebook claiming rights to use photos of my children to advertise Facebook's endeavors and/or those of third parties. So that's that.

Besides, Facebook is already crowded with people with my name:

Shortly after my account deletion, all of the Cambridge Analytica crap started to come to light, and I realized what a chump I'd been in even entering any of my data or opinions or associations. Then it became clear what part Facebook has played in the destabilization of western democracy, and I felt a certain vindication.